Components Of Cognos

After the Introduction of Cognos and Architecture of Cognos, you might be interested in knowing about different components of Cognos BI. Cognos has both web based and windows based interface. Here  we will discuss about all the components of Cognos.

Components Of Cognos

The following are the web based UI for Cognos :-

  • Cognos Connection
  • Query Studio
  • Report Studio
  • Analysis Studio
  • Metrics Studio
  • Events Studio

The following are the windows based UI for Cognos :-

  • Framework Manager
  • Metrics Designer
  • Transformers

Cognos Connection :-

It is a web portal and  a single access point to all the business data available through Cognos and other Cognos product.  In other words, it is the home page for Cognos web based interfaces. Cognos connection is used for the following purposes:

  1. To work with entries such as reports, analyses, queries, metrics, packages, and so on
  2. To create shortcuts, URLs, and pages and to organize entries
  3. To create, run and distribute reports

Query Studio :-

Query Studio is an adhoc reporting tool that lets users with little or no training quickly design , create and save reports. Query Studio users can do the following:

  1. View data: View data in a data source in a tree hierarchy
  2. Create reports: Create reports which can be saved and reused.
  3. Enhance the appearance of reports: Add charts, titles, specify text and border styles, and so on.
  4. Work with data in a report: Use filters, summaries, and calculations.

Report Studio :-

Report Studio is a professional report development tool, where the users can create, edit, distribute reports. This is the most advanced and most often used interface.

Analysis Studio :-

Analysis Studio helps in viewing both ROLAP and MOLAP data sources.It gives the ability to user to analyze the data in a better way.It is very useful in assessing the performance by focusing on the best and worst results.

Event Studio :-

Event Studio helps in scheduling reports automatically. Also, helps in raising triggers when any value goes down a permissible limit.

Metrics Studio :-

Metrics studio helps the Senior Management of Company to monitor the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of the company as a whole. It provides Scorecarding and Dashboarding capabilities.

Framework Manager :-

It is a metadata  modelling tool.A model is business presentation of the information in databases. This windows based interface helps in building the metadata layer of the physical data.It is this metadata, which will be exposed to the author for building reports.

Transformers :

Transformers helps in designing and developing the multi dimensional cubes. Cubes contains calculated, summarized data organised into dimensions and measures.
So this was a brief introduction about components of Cognos. Soon I will write in detail about these components. Thanks for reading.

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