How to Choose Right ETL tool ?

So you planning to build Data Warehouse? But not able to decide which is the right ETL tool for you business.I can understand your confusion because choosing the right ETL tool is the most daunting task when you are planning to build a data warehouse. Once you chose the right ETL tool, more than 70% of work is done.
ETL and Data Warehouse have the relation like engine and coaches of train where ETL is the engine and Data Warehouse is the coach. ETL tool operates at the center of Data Warehouse, extracting data from different data sources, transforming the data to make it accessible to business analysts, and loading multiple target databases.  So it not easy to change the ETL tool unlike other Data Warehouse architecture components.So we need to make a perfect decision while choosing ETL tool.
Some of the important points to be considered while choosing right ETL tool are :

1. Proper Data Integration Srategy :

Before buying the tool, business requirements should be clear. It should be clear which business purpose needs to served by the tool. Data source and data destination should be clear like which are the possible input sources like xml, flat file etc and similarly for output types also. You should be aware about the capabilities of tool to connect with databases and other tool.

2. Price :

Price is one thing which hugely affects decision making in any business. So before choosing the etl tool , price factor should also be considered. You should be clear about your budget you can spend on tool and how much performance you expect in the price. Nowadays there are many ETL tools available in market, i.e, open source as well as licence tool. Try to get in touch with multiple vendors to get the best custom made deal for you.

3. Performance & Features Of Tool :

You should be aware about the performance of the ETL tool. How the tools will react to the amount of data you need to transform and move. Also you need to check the behavior on development and production server. Also verify that the tool has additional features or not which you may need for your project for future.

4. Compatibility With Existing Technologies

It is one of the most important factor while choosing the ETL tool. You need to understand the compatibility of ETL tool with already existing Database or BI tool. It is always advisable use ETL tool of the same organisation whose BI tool or may be database you are using in your data warehouse. In this case, performance and ease of work will always be better.

5. Skill Set and User Friendliness :

While choosing ETL tool , one thing you always need to keep in mind that do you have the skill set for that tool available in your team or not. You should also what is the availability of people with proper skill set in market.
Also , the tool should be user friendly so that efficiency of team will increase. Also, people can learn the tool fast if required

6. Reputation Of Vendor :

Before taking final decision on ETL tool to use, you need to check the financial strength and reputation of vendor. You should be sure that ETL vendor will not bankrupt in coming years and company will be in existence at least for 10 years. Because you will be in trouble if vendor is shut down. Also , you need to check the reputation of vendor in providing the support for their clients. How fast and effective vendor is in providing solution.

“There are other  factors also which you need to consider before chossing ETL tool but illustrated above are some of the important points which you can’t ignore. You can also check our list of top 10 ETL tools which will surely help you in making your decision about ETL tool to be used for your Data Warehouse.”

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