Pentaho – Introduction and Benefits

There are lot of powerful tools available in market to provide ETL and BI solutions. But today I will tell you about one tool which has became very popular in market in very less time. I am talking about Pentaho . It is one of the top 10 ETL and BI tool available in market –  TOP 10 ETL TOOLS . 
Toady , I will tell you about Pentaho – Introduction and Benefits

What is Pentaho BI Suite ?

Pentaho BI Suite is one of the most effective open source Business Intelligence Suite which provide data integration, OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, data mining and ETL solutions. In short, it is one stop solution for all business analytics need.  It provides highly accurate data solution to be implemented in organisation.

Why Pentaho ?

Now you must be wondering there are already many tools available in market then why Pentaho ?
To answer this question , listed below are some of the important features of Pentaho :

  1. The biggest advantage of Pentaho is its pricing model. It is cost effective as compared to other tools available in market.
  2. It is very user friendly and easy to learn.Easy to use drag and drop for all users.
  3. It is one stop solution for all needs. It has tools for everyone in organisation. It provides complete solution from ETL to mining to reports and dashboards.
  4. It is created on java/j2ee platform which makes it highly customizable.Hence it is pluggable, embeddable, extendable.
  5. It is the only open source tool which supports Big data.
  6. Most important is the help-desk support provided by Pentaho. It provides 24*7 support to users.

Tools in Pentaho BI Suite :

  1. Data Integration
  2. Report Designer
  3. Schema Workbench
  4. Metadata Editor
  5. User Console

So this was a brief introduction and the reasons why it is such a huge success in market today. I know after reading these features you will also be interested in having a hands-on on Pentaho.
You need not to wait any longer to use Pentaho. You can download  and install it in your laptop or PC without any cost.
Visit here to download  :  Click Here
Hope you would have liked this article. I will keep on writing about different tools in Pentaho.
Thanks for reading.

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