Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence tools provides decision support solutions to organization to increase productivity.BI tools helps in creating reports, dashboards, analyzing data models. You must be thinking – What is Business Intelligence ? 
As we are in generation of data analytic and business intelligence, it is obvious that there are lot if BI tools available in market. Today we will look into top 10 Business Intelligence tools available in market. Here is the list of top BI Tools :

1. Cognos :

IBM Cognos is one of the most powerful BI tools. Cognos is the leader among BI tool serving over 23,000 customers in 135 countries.Cognos provides  query and reporting, analysis, score carding, dash boarding, real-time monitoring, statistics, planning and budgeting, collaborative BI, business driven UI, work flow oriented environment, security features, SOA support and much more.It provides easy drag and  drop interface.

2. Business Objects :

SAP Business Objects (commonly known as BO) is a BI Suite of flexible Front end applications that makes it easier for organizations to discover and share insight for optimal decision making.Business Objects provides ad-hoc reporting, query and analysis for business, live data access within Microsoft Office, interactive dashboard viewing for executives and managers, secure, easy to understand data for rapid decisions, mobile BI for end users on the go, anytime anywhere data delivery, rapid deployment options for faster time-to-value etc.

3. MicroStrategy :

MicroStrategy is one of the most powerful BI tools available in market. It supports enterprise reporting, interactive dashboards, scorecards, highly formatted personalised reports, ad hoc queries, report bursting and scheduling. It allows reporting and analysis of data stored either in a relational database, multidimensional database, or a flat file. It supports mobile BI also.

4. OBIEE :

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, commonly known as OBIEE is a set of business intelligence tools developed by Oracle corporation. OBIEE is capable of gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to data for better decision system. OBIEE version 10g and 11g includes alerts/KPI , agents for scheduling, dashboard, reports, analysis and scorecards.

5.  Actuate One (BIRT) :

Actuate One integrates a number of tools together to provide one common interface to users for business intelligence system. Single server architecture is engineered for rapidly developing and deploying custom BI applications and rich information applications.It provides an easy reporting solution with features like intelligent report navigation, progressive viewing, web-based management console, ad hoc reporting, BIRT Interactive Viewer, Dashboards, Mobile Options, Analytics and much more.

6. SAS :

SAS is one of the oldest BI suite available in the market. Its almost 35 years old and it has a customer base of more than 35000 clients across the globe. It has a easy to use interface which integrates SAS analytics and SAS  data management to give better decision system.Features like portal and customizable dashboards, business visualization, web and desktop reporting, mobile analytics, Microsoft Office integration, query and analysis, OLAP storage and OLAP data exploration interface etc makes it one of the most desirable tools in market.

7. Pentaho :

Pentaho is a powerful open source BI suite. It is a collection of reporting tools which allows  to create relational and analytical reports from a wide range of data-sources.Presence of multiple tools like report designer , meta data editor , schema workbench etc makes pentaho the most powerful and popular open source BI suite. Easy graphical editors make reporting very easy as well as dynamic.

8. Webfocus :

Webfocus is a BI tool which provides a comprehensive business solution for every at every level of business. WebFOCUS integrates the four elements of successful information strategy namely Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Data Integrity and Advanced Analytics. It has a multitiered structure which woroks over multiple plattforms. It also integrates easily with desktop product such as microsoft word, adobe pdf etc.

9. Hyperion :

Hyperion systems was acquired by Oracle in 2007. Oracle hyperion system is a flexible BI suite and business performance management system which compromises of financial management capabilities and BI capabilities for analysis and reporting. It has ability to do operational business planning, integration with Microsoft Office, simplified web interface, scaleable architecture, workflow management, robust data integration etc which helps users increase productivity. Its  low cost of ownership makes its most desirable BI tool.

10. Jaspersoft :

Jaspersoft is another very powerful open source BI tool. It is a java based reporting tool which makes it easily customizable. Best features of Jaspersoft is that it can wite output to variety of targets like screen, a printer, into pdf, into HTML, excel, RTF etc.

I have tried to make an effort to list down some of the popular BI tool available in market. I know I have missed many efficient tools in this list due to some constraints. Some of other useful tools are tableau, Board, Qlikview etc.
Please leave below your comments. Thanks for reading.

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