Top 10 ETL Tools

ETL tools are required to extract, transform and load the data to Data Warehouse.ETL tools are the key to handle the database and Data  Warehouse.  If you are curious to know more about ETL , you can read here – ETL – Extract , Transform and Load .There are lot of ETL tools available in the market which you can select according to your requirement. Listed below are top 10 ETL tools available in the market :

1. Informatica – Power Center :

Informatica – power center  is the market leader in ETL tools which has strong customer base of more than 5000 companies.. Informatica provides data integration and data quality services. Informatica is a product of Informatica Corporation headquartered in Redwood city, California.One of the major reason for the success of Informatica is its easy availability and easy training modules. Also, Informatica is cheaper when compared to tools like Ab-Initio. Successful deployment rate is close to 100%.

2. IBM Infosphere Datastage :

As the name suggests, Datastage is  part of IBM Infosphere and IBM Information Platforms Solutions suite. Over the years, IBM has released many versions of Datastage such as Server Edition, Enterprise Edition and MNS edition. Datastage is suitable for cleansing , transformation and transportation of data into Data Warehouse. Datastage is mainly designed  for Big data.

3. Ab-Initio :

Ab-Initio is the most efficient and fast processing ETL tool. Ab-Initio is a product of company ab-initio software. Ab-initio is based on the user friendly platform for data processing applications. It is a high volume data processing tool. Ab-initio is a bit costly to other market tools but still it is one of most used ETL tools.

4. Oracle Data Integrator :

Oracle, the leader in Data management system have created their own ETL tool named as Oracle Data Integrator. It  has tight connection to all Oracle data warehousing applications. Along with Oracle Warehouse Builder it builds a powerful tool. It has tendency to integrate all tools into one application and one environment. It is suitable for large organisations who have on recurring needs.

5. Microsoft – Sql Server Integration Services :

Commonly known as SSIS is a product of Microsoft. It provides a powerful platform for building high performance data integration and data transformation solution. Although integration process is much faster in SQL server but SSIS is only compatible with SQL server.

6. SAS – Data Integration Studio :

SAS enterprise is a 25 year old company from USA providing data integration and business intelligence solutions. SAS has improved over the years to provide cost effective, punctual, powerful integration solution. It has the capability to support data solution for the entire organisation and it is easily compatible with different types of data storage systems. It is very user friendly.

7. SAP – Business Object Integrator :

Business Object Integrator , previously known as Actaworks is a ETL tool created by SAP labs. Initially developed as data mart and data warehouse builder, this has now become a etl tool to provide complete integration package to customers. It is more suitable for small and mid sized companies.

8. Pentaho Data Integration :

Pentaho data integration is an etl tool made by company named as Pentaho Corporation. Pentaho is now acquired by Hitachi Systems. Pentaho is an open source tool and easily customizable with java. These properties have pentaho one of the most desirable tool i market. Performance of Pentaho is a bit slower as compared to other tools in market.

9. Talend Open Studio For Data Integration :

Talend Open Studio is one of the most powerful ETL tools. It is highly flexible, easily adaptable , user friendly which gives perfect integration solution for any company.

10. Clover ETL :

Clover ETL was introduced by Javlin Inc in 2002. Clover is open source data integration plattform based on java. It is mainly used to cleanse and tranform data from one database system to another. Non avaibility of debugging is the one of the major cons in Clover tool.

Although I have tried to cover most of the important ETL tools in market. But still there are many tool which I was not able to include in this list of top 10 ETL tools .
Please provide your comments on ETL tools.
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