Why is Data Warehouse required ?

It is most likely that you would have heard about the concept of  “Data Warehouse” . But have you ever wondered what is the need of a Data Warehouse ? Why companies spend so much of money and time in creating  Data Warehouse ?

Why is Data Warehouse Required ?

So here I will explain you, why Data Warehouse is required and what are the benefits of Data Warehouse .

Why is Data Warehouse Required ?

The Future of any company depends on their ability to make decisions which will help them grow more as compared to competitors. And to take good decision, it is very important that all the data is analyzed properly. And the best source to get all the required data is a well managed Data Warehouse.
Following features of Data Warehouse makes it most required for companies nowadays :

  1. Support for Universal Access to Heterogeneous, Multi-platform  Data Bases
  2. Support for Multiple User Types
  3. Separation of Operational and Informational Concerns
  4. Support for Networked Data
  5. Support for Directories, Repositories and Information Models
  6. Support for Advanced End User Interfaces

Business Benefits of Data Warehouse :

  1. Describe business trend
  2. Better future vision from historical trends
  3. Integrates data from multiple sources
  4. Better products to market in a timely manner
  5. Analyze daily sales information and make quick decisions
  6. Solutions for maintaining your company’s competitive edge

A Data Warehouse is not built overnight. But building a Data Warehouse has become easier over the time as we have better tools, processes and a better understanding of architecture.
So this was a brief about the need  of Data Warehouse in today’s competitive world.  Hope I would have been able to clear your doubts.
I know that after reading the need of data warehouse and benefits of data warehouse, you will be curious to know more about Data Warehouse. For all the details about Data Warehouse, please visit – Data warehouse – Definition, properties and benefits

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