What is COGNOS BI ?

Cognos is IBM’s Business Tool. Among lots of Business Intelligence Tool available in market today, Cognos BI tool is undoubtedly the market leader. Cognos is one of the top 10 business intelligence tools in market today.
Here , I will give you a detailed introduction about Cognos BI , architecture of Cognos BI and tools available in Cognos BI.

What is Cognos BI ?

Cognos 8 is a Web based product which provides a platform for viewing and creating reports, analyze data, monitoring events and metrics thus enabling the users to take effective business decisions.

Features Of Cognos BI :

  • Cognos BI is a enterprise wide BI solution.
  • It helps in operational reporting, analytical reporting, ad-hoc reporting, scorecarding and event notification.
  • It is a web based solution.Both development and end-user viewing can happen on web.
  • It supports both Relational Online Analytical Processing (ROLAP) and Multi-dimensional Analytical Processing (MOLAP) datasources.
  • Cognos BI has multi tiered architecture. It can be separated in three tiers : Web Server, Application Server and Data Server.
  • Cognos BI has both Web based and Windows based interface. This interfaces sit on top of all tiers.

Components Of Cognos BI :

Following are the web based UI for cognos :

  1. Cognos Connection – Publishing, managing, and viewing content
  2. Query Studio – Ad hoc querying
  3. Report Studio – Managed reporting
  4. Analysis Studio  – Analyzing data
  5. Event Studio – Event management and alerting
  6. Metrics Studio – Score carding and metrics

Following are the windows based UI for cognos :

  1. Framework Manager  – Helps in building the metadata layer of physical data
  2. Metrics Designer – To monitor the Key Peformance Indicators (KPI) of company
  3. Transformer – Designs multi-dimensional cubes

I expect that you would have known few things about Cognos after  reading this article. Keep visiting here for more detailed articles on Cognos Components.

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