Why Informatica is best ETL tool ?

ETL tools are required to extract, transform and load the data to Data Warehouse. ETL tools are the key to handle the database and Data  Warehouse. There are number of good ETL tools available in market which we discussed in Top 10 ETL Tools. But still Informatica has edge over other ETL tools and without any doubt, it is the most used ETL tool. We will try to analyse why Informatica is the best ETL tool.

Features Of Informatica :

 1. Integration :

Informatica provides the market’s leading data integration platform. a data integration solution that can integrate more data, from more systems, in less time than any other. Tested on nearly 500,000 combinations of platforms and applications, informatica data
integration platform inter operates with the broadest possible range of disparate standards, systems, and applications.
One of major  reason for Informatica  success is its capability of enabling Lean Integration, Lean manufacturing is common concept in manufacturing industry to avoid waste. Informatica also leverage the same integration model.

2. High Performance :

Informatica uses cutting-edge technology to optimize performance in terms of quality, speed and cost that enable organizations to keep up with SLAs while transforming the business processes through automation, re usability and debugging. Informatica creates an ecosystem with is quicker for analysts to perform different analysis, and is much easier to maintain. Informatica helps to balance the load between database box & ETL server, with coding capability. Beneficial for performing certain tasks when the server has a fast disk

3. Support For various Databases and data types :

Informatica provides extensive support connection to several databases, which includes the regular ODBC drivers, tPump, Teradata mLoad, Parallel Transporter, as well as FastLoad. Informatica supports different data types thus providing the flexibility for to the ETL process with the ability to extract more enterprise data-types.

4. Maintenance :

Easy to monitor jobs using Informatica Workflow Monitor.Easier to identify and recover in case of failed jobs or slow running jobs. Ability to restart from failure row / step.Features like automatic job logging and the runtime monitoring make it good for the BI managed services projects.

5. Error Handling :

Informatica provides a centralized error logging system that facilitates logging errors and rejecting data into relational tables or flat files very effectively, further enabling your technical team to review and validate the errors.

6. Success rate :

High “GO Live” success rate .Informatica claims the highest ration of successful deployment which it says is near 100%. Product rate of renewal and customer loyalty  (94% and 92% ) is significant from industry average.

7. Training And User Friendly :

Very robust platform, easy to learn with no programming.Easy training and tool availability has made easy resource availability for software industry, where else other ETL tools are way behind in this aspect. This definitely helps organization in reducing training  costs. Moreover forming a new team for this tool is not as challenging as others. Informatica Workflow Monitor helps in easy, simple and quick job monitoring and recovery

8. Cost Effective :

Informatica etl is moderate expensive tool, where else tools like ab initio is very expensive which has many added advantages in technical aspect. Same time others etl tools are having there own challenges like ease of use, re-usability , debugging, connectivity  which makes informatica as an ideal etl tool.
Informatica has many advantages over other tools. But still we have lot of options available in market, we can choose ETL tool which best suits our requirement. You can read How to choose best ETL tool   for your business which will help you in making right decision.

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